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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Whilst away...

I have been honing my Petanque skills in the South of France and soaking up the fresh air and all the good things it has to offer for a much needed rejuvenating break.

My husband insisted I left all my craft stuff at home this trip so instead I focused on my photography. There are too many to share so here is just a taste of what I captured.

Now that I am home it is time to pick up the tools with gusto! First up ... 250 Macarons!

Today and everyday ... is an adventure!


  1. Lovely piccies. A woman of many talents then :)

    1. Thanks Jan! I do apologise for having missed your kind comments, no excuse what so ever. By the way your wonderful book went down a treat! There were a good many giggles and outburst of laughters ... Right or Wrong!