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Thursday, 22 August 2013

When is a mistake not a mistake?...

...When it turns out into a masterpiece and the inspiration for the rest of an ensemble! Even better when you get a commission from it.

Recently, I have been focusing on perfecting my wire working techniques initially inspired by the award winning wire work jeweller Rachel Norris.

Creation 1

Ring 1
The first piece I created was a ring (Ring 1) which ended up too small for me unless I lost several stone! I was gutted because I loved this ring especially with it being my first. The overall design had good balance, the colours were pleasing and it felt so good in the hand. Not one to give up I started on a second ring.

Creation 2

I was obviously with the fairies when I started 'Ring 2' - might have something to do with having a good movie on in front of me - I cut the structural wire too short and it was not long enough for the ring shank. However, It was long enough for a bail I thought and surely long enough to finish a pendant - hence the creation of the pendant. It had a nice flow to it and sat really nicely on the decolletage. I was pleased with how this 'Ring 2' turned out as a 'Pendant' - a beauty on its own - no one will ever know! Then of course I could not stop there ... what is a pendant without a pair of earrings to match!

Creation 3

So off I go making a set of earrings. This is more challenging because I now have to make two pieces that matched! I like a bit of a challenge and was not going to let this turn into another mistake. I made the two pieces simultaneously and voila! Even more pleased with myself now, but wait a minute, I still do not have a ring to wear which was my original aim!

Creation 4

Ring 2
I was determined to wear my latest creation the next day. Tired as I was with slightly sore fingers by now and a hot cup of coffee, I knuckled down and created Ring 2, this time with more care (the movie had finished by now - a good thing too). I was a little more confident now and started to add other elements to the original design concept and was liking what I saw evolving in front of me. I finally finished the ring and now comes the final test ... will it fit? YES! I was mighty pleased and off to bed I went.


And that is when a mistake is not a mistake! - One nights work, five creations and not a piece wasted or destroyed. What is even better is when I got commissioned for the entire ensemble on the very first day I wore the set and Ring 1 got sold to someone with a perfect fit!
Soft Elegance collection - Silver wire work featuring healing Amethyst, love stone Star Rose Quartz, protective Peridot, grounding Smokey Quartz and sterling silver findings.

Moral of the story

Never let a mistake stay a mistake and always wear your creations! If it is good enough for you it is good enough for someone to buy it.

Until next time...

Today and everyday ... is an adventure!

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