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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hold back the Paparazzi!

First up, last week Fanny from my Jane Austen collection was featured by the fashion blogger Anita Wheeler of Sunday Girl. I was so proud to see one of my earrings being written about by another. If you have not already read the 'Jkhoo Designs' Amazing Earrings' post, here it is.

Then today I received a very exciting email letting me know that the submission of my Green Envy and Blue Envy Sari Wraps collections have been selected for the IJL 2014 runway shows. International Jewellery London (IJL) is the UK's premier jewellery event and has been operating for 58 years, this year being their 59th year.

Green Envy Sari Wraps
Green Envy

Blue Envy Sari Wraps
Blue Envy

I cannot put into words the feelings that shot through me when I read that email. I was so overjoyed and proud. I rang the organisers for some technical queries and it turns out I had to be a stand holder/exhibitor at the event for them to use my collections ... which needless to say I am not. I will be attending the show as a visitor though. What a disappointment to go from such a high to such a low.

BUT you know what ... this says alot about Jkhoo Designs. My designs were good enough to have been selected in the first place! Maybe next year for their 60th anniversary show, I will have a stand at IJL 2015 and then I will have my pieces strutted on their fantastic fashion runways. First I need to find a sponsor ... any takers out there?

Until next time...

Today and everyday ... is an adventure!

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